Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Forward questions and Honor Guard requests Greggory Loui, Faithful Navigator 224-688-8227.

Regalia is available to borrow; a full set or individual items. Contact Jim Jurinak at 847.973.1176 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- For all Honor Guards, Please show up one half hour early
- The Faithful Navigator must approve all Honor Guards.
- The Lead Commander is in charge of the Associate Commanders.
- If a Commander can not make his assignment, he shall call the Lead Commander, and LC will assign another Commander.

- In the event of death of a Sir Knight of the Bishop Quarter Assembly, and the wake and services are performed outside of the BQA area, our BQA Commander will lead the wake and funeral Honor Guard.
- In the event of death of a Priest, wake and funeral Honor Guard will be provided.
- If the Cardinal or Bishop is present at the Funeral service of a deceased Priest, an Honor Guard is in attendance.

- In the event of death of a Fourth Degree Knight, the family may request an Honor Guard .
- The family of a deceased Forth Degree Knight, shall receive a Chalice in the name of the deceased Knight.
- A burse is provided for every Sir Knight in good standing.

- In the event of death of a Third Degree Knight, the family may make a request of the local council for Honor Guard.
- If a Sir Knight's immediate family member passes, the Sir Knight can request an Honor Guard.


Faithful Navigator Notes

Tim Rogers has accepted the role of lead commander for this fraternal year. Also, I am turning over my purple cape to Jim Schreiner of Council 3800. Jim will serve the northwest sector. Congratulations to Tim and Jim in their new responsibilities.

Commander assignments are as follows:

SW: Tim Rogers- Santa Maria Del Popolo, St. Mary of Vernon, St. Joseph (Libertyville), St. Mary of the Annunciation.

NW: Jim Schreiner- St. Peter (Antioch), St. Peter (Volo), St. Bede, St. Raphael.

 Central: Joe Imburgia- St. Joseph (Round Lake), Prince of Peace, St. Gilbert.

SE: Open- Our Lady of Humility, St. Patrick’s (Wadsworth), Holy Cross/IC, St. Mary’s (Lake Forest).

NE: Joe Falotico- St. Paul the Apostle, Most Blessed Trinity, St. Dismas

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