Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Honor Guard - Color Guard

The official dress when serving in a color corps, honor guard or color guard are the same as the official dress of a member, with the following differences:

1. Black Chapeau with white plum or the color of the office as set forth below together with the Fourth Degree patch on the right side.
2. Black Cape with red lining or the color of the office as set forth on page 4, together with a Fourth Degree patch on the left shoulder.
3. White gloves.
4. Service Baldric, together with a sword, worn over the coat from the right shoulder to the left hip. When a sword is not permitted for any reason, the Service Baldric shall be worn nevertheless.
5. Color bearers wear a color harness and Service Baldric, but no sword.
6. The same rules apply with reference to wearing jewels of office.

Vice Supreme Master       Blue Cape and Chapeau
Master                           Gold Cape and Chapeau
Faithful Navigator            White Cape and Chapeau
District Marshall               Green Cape and Chapeau
Assembly Commanders     Purple Cape and Chapeau
Color Corps                    Red Cape and White Chapeau
Former Vice Supreme      Masters Blue Cape and Chapeau
Former Masters              Gold Cape and Chapeau
Past Faithful Navigators    White Cape and Chapeau

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