Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Ed Jung Program Director
John Boos Church Director
John Boos Vocations Director
open Community Director
Jim Steiner "Good Of The Order"
Jack & Mary Idstein Pro-Life Couple
Dr Tony Peterson Health Services
John Kornak Council Director
Jim McClure Public Relations
Mark Majewski Family Director
Kevin Rupprecht Youth Director
JR Fraher Membership Director
Pat Shurtliff Recruit Committee 1
Bob Wilbat Recruit Committee 2
open Recruit Committee 3
JR Fraher Retention Committee
Kevin Rupprecht Nominating Committee
open Insurance Promotion
Charles Pinto Family Rosary Coord.
Jeff Zimmer Charity Golf Outing
open Christmas Party Coord.
David Jacks & Bob Wilbat Christmas Tree Sales
Sean Keegan Free Throw Contest
open Scholarship Director
Mike Huiras MH Drive
Mark Brinkman Website

Doug Cline
direct: 847-401-3199
office: 847-259-4975
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