Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Brothers & Guests:
We are once again preparing for our semi-monthly Knights of Columbus golf league.  Tentatively we are playing the second & fourth Thursday of each month.  Players are invited to play one or more weeks, there isn't a seasonal commitment to attend all games.  TEE TIMES ARE TYPICALLY 5:15pm & 5:25pm.


If you are interested in playing, please call Bob Wilbat 847-980-3773 by 10am game day so we have sufficient tee times for that days game.  The cost is merely the applicable Carillon North and Village Green nine hole fees.  Passes and coupons are acceptable to use. 

You will have the option of participating in our $1 per hole pool.  We pick teams prior to teeing off based on ability.  One tie, all tie and the pool carries over to the next hole.  Low team score wins the hole.  If you bring a "ringer", keep in mind that we will most likely separate you.  :)  Winning team buys first round.

Vivat Jesus!
Bob Wilbat

Tentative Schedule

Thur. 4/16/2015  Carillon North: Bob Wilbat, Don Zmija (winners)
Thur. 4/30/2015  Brae Loch: Kevin Rupprecht, Pat Shurtliff, Bob Wilbat (winners)
Thur. 5/28/2015  Carillon North: Michael Peterson (winner)
Thur. 6/11/2015  Bittersweet: Darrel Blenniss, Brian Gosnell, Don Zmija (winners)
Thur. 6/25/2015  Stonewall Orchard: JR Fraher, Pat Shurtliff, David Longo, Dan Longo (winners)
Thur. 7/09/2015  Stonewall Orchard: JR Fraher, Ryan Fraher, Bob Wilbat, John Schuster (winners)
Thur. 7/23/2015  Bittersweet: Bob Wilbat, Art Torres (winners)
Thur. 7/30/2015  Stonewall Orchard: John Kornak, Don Zmija, Walt Czarnocki (winners)
Thur. 8/13/2015  Stonewall Orchard
Thur. 8/27/2015  Stonewall Orchard: Michael Peterson & Pat Shurtliff  (winners)
Thur. 9/10/2015  Bittersweet:  Pat Shurtliff  (winner)
Thur. 9/24/2015  Stonewall Orchard:

$10.00 (resident) and $12.00 (nonresident)

Senior (55 and over)
$ 8.00 (resident) and $10.00 (nonresident)

Pull Cart Rental: $ 3.00

Weekdays Anytime
9 Holes: $20 ride/$14 walk

Historical Winners
5/10/2012  Carillon North  winners: Pat Shurtliff & Bob Wilbat
6/14/2012  Village Green, Mundelein winners: Michael Peterson & 3 ringers (193 to 194 team total)
6/28/2012  Carillon North: David Longo
8/23/2012  Carillon North: Jeff Zimmer (31)
9/27/2012  Carillon North: Peterson (36)

5/30/2013  Carillon North: Two teams tied. (low scores: Bob Wilbat & Michael Peterson 33)
6/13/2013  Village Green:  Two teams tied. (low score: Michael Peterson 44)
6/27/2013  Carillon North:  Winning Team Shurtliff/Wilbat
7/11/2013  Village Green:  Winning Team Longo,Rupprecht,Wilbat= low team 40 (low individual:Don Zmija 45)
7/25/2013  Carillon North: Winner Bob Wilbat 32
8/08/2013  Village Green: Winning Team Peterson/Shurtliff  (Peterson 44)
8/22/2013  Carillon North: Winning Team Shurtliff/Wilbat= low team 30 (Peterson & Wilbat low 35)

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